Carnivores Tour @ Fiddlers Green, 9/8/14

I honestly didn't think I was going to get approved to shoot this show, so when I got the email confirmation the day of, I was stoked. I also had to shower and get ready and charge my camera really fast, BUT IT WAS AFI AND LINKIN PARK, so I really didn't care. Haha.

But really, words cannot even begin to describe how happy I am with these photos. If I could tour with AFI and take pictures of just them for the rest of my life, I could probably die happy. They were so freaking fun to shoot! And don't even get me started on Linkin Park. Their lights were gorgeous and they put on an amazing performance and I'm also super happy with my photos of them! I unfortunately didn't get to shoot 30 Seconds To Mars, but I don't even care because I'm so in love with the rest of these photos, haha. Hopefully I get the chance to shoot the two of these bands again soon!