Every Time I Die @ Summit Music Hall, 11/22/14

This show was interesting. I (still) haven't gotten my D700 back from the repair shop, so I shot this show with my significantly slower D5000, and man was that a workout. If anything, I'll be more on top of my game than ever when I finally get my camera back, haha.

But I made it work, and I'm incredibly happy with my photos from this show! Every Time I Die is one of my favorite bands to photograph because the Buckley brothers are just insane, so I was really excited about this one and thankfully, they delivered. The Ghost Inside can be a pain in the ass to shoot because Jonathan rarely crouches down when he sings, which makes for a lot of "up the nose" shots, but having shot them not too long ago at Warped Tour, I feel that I was pretty prepared for it. (Though I was really upset when he pointed right at me for a photo in between songs and my lens didn't focus fast enough. It was the worst.) I was also happy to have a chance to shoot Architects in a setting like Summit Music Hall, even if I didn't get as many great pictures as I would have liked. 

I thought that Backtrack and Hundredth would be a challenge, considering that they're both hardcore bands, and we all know that hardcore bands thrive on crowd interaction and despise barricades, which Summit Music Hall has. But that being said, they were both super fun to shoot. Both vocalists spent more time in the barricade singing along with fans than they did on stage which made for some great shots. And it made their sets even more fun. I also love it when bands interact with me when I'm shooting, and Barricade definitely hammed it up for me, so that was awesome!

Anyway, I'm super happy with these photos! Enjoy!