From Thin Air

I did some promos with local pop-punk band, From Thin Air last month for the cover story of the July issue of The Prelude Press. This was the first time I got the chance to use my new softbox in a promo setting, and I was super excited to test it out and really happy with the outcome!

I had the band stand staggered with their backs to the sunset (we couldn't have chosen a better time of day to do these photos) and had the softbox held above them on a light stand, thanks to my wonderful boyfriend/assistant. While I still need to learn which angles work best with the softbox (as you can see in the photos, there's a bit of a shadow underneath the brim of Ethan's hat because of the angle of the light) I'm still super excited about his these turned out and can't wait to do another shoot!

You can read the whole cover story on From Thin Air and check out the photos in The Prelude Press HERE and be sure to check From Thin Air out on Facebook!