Dissonants World Tour @ The Marquis, 11/17/15

Technically these photos were taken over a two day period. The day before this tour came through Denver, my friend Blake (he does merch for I The Mighty/is also one of my favorite people) told me to meet him downtown at Beau Jo's because Hands Like Houses, I The Mighty and Too Close To Touch were all participating in at 14 lb. pizza eating competition. It was madness. Six grown men ate so much pizza. I took photos of it (they're down at the bottom of the gallery). 

The next day, the same bands somehow had it in them to also eat pizza at The Marquis. I don't know how they did it but it was amazing. They also played a show, which I was lucky enough to also photograph, and it was a ton of fun. I also did a little interview with the guys in Too Close To Touch (which I'm very proud of) and it can be read HERE.

These two days were a lot of fun and super busy, but amazing nevertheless. These are also some of my favorite photos I've taken at The Marquis this year!