Riot Fest Denver Day 3 - 8/30/15

Day 3 of Riot Fest! Sorry this took five thousand years to get up… I think I overestimated how many shows I could shoot in a short period and I’m totally about to bombard everyone with a ton of blogs in the near future…

This day was a little relaxing and I didn’t shoot as many bands as I did the two days before, but I also got to shoot fucking Tenacious D and Snoop Dogg, so that was pretty awesome. I was totally exhausted by the end of Sunday, but I had so much fun and really didn’t want to leave by the time it was over… haha. I can’t wait until next year!

The White Buffalo

The first band I shot on Sunday was The White Buffalo. Technically not a band and actually a solo project, but they played as a full band so I’m referring to them as a band for right now haha. I reviewed their new album a few weeks before Riot Fest, and was really excited to see the songs I loved live! It was disgustingly hot during their set, which sucked, but it was a lot of fun!


These guys were a lot of fun to shoot, especially with how much they moved around on stage. It was still disgustingly hot during their set, but it was more bearable haha

Andrew WK

Okay, there’s really no live performance that can top Andrew WK. I had been excited to shoot their set all weekend, and they totally lived up to it. Andrew wanted us to shoot the last 3 songs instead of the first three so he could be all gross and sweaty for the photos, which was amazing too, because at that point, the crowd was super hyped up. Overall, this was one of the best sets I shot all weekend, which is why I took so many photos haha

The Lawrence Arms

I didn’t take as many photos of these guys as I would have liked because I was pretty exhausted after Andrew WK’s set, but I did still get a few that I was really happy with!


To be honest, I hadn’t originally planned on shooting this set, but I’m really glad I decided to go for it. Besides the SUPER loud bass that seriously killed my ears even though I was wearing ear plugs, this set was also one of my favorites to shoot all weekend.

Explosions In The Sky

It was beautiful while these guys were playing, but again, I was pretty exhausted and didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked. Thankfully, they didn’t really move around much, though, and the photos I did take I really liked!

Flogging Molly

This set was insane. There was dust everywhere and crowd surfers with masks and bandanas on, and the band was crazy as usual. Flogging Molly were one of the more fun bands to shoot all weekend, especially with the way the interacted with the crowd and photographers

Tenacious D

Okay, do I really have to say anything? It was fucking Tenacious D. There were so many photographers in the pit and I’m only 5’3” so it was a little rough finding a spot to shoot, but thankfully the taller photographers were SUPER nice and usually shoved me in front of them so I could see. It really felt like a family of people all fangirling about Jack Black. It was such an insane and surreal experience and I took a TON of photos haha

Snoop Dogg

So, Snoop Dogg was about half an hour late, which was pretty comical. Tenacious D played a longer set while we waited which was cool. The lighting wasn’t amazing and I didn’t take nearly as many photos as I did of Tenacious D, but I was really proud of the photos I did get. It was a good ending to the weekend!