Kyle & Kassidi - Winter 2016

I love taking photos of people who are in love. It’s always fun to put two people who are completely comfortable with one another and have been together for years in front of a camera and see how they act. They always get embarrassed and flustered and it’s super cute. This shoot with my friends Kassidi and Kyle was no exception.

It was super windy and chilly the day we planned on taking photos. And by super windy, I mean I could hear my tires squealing as we were driving because my car wanted to go off the road. But we didn’t let this deter us, and I ended up taking some of my favorite couples photos I have ever taken. Kassidi and Kyle were so much fun to take photos of and were huge troopers, despite how cold and windy it was outside, and how muddy the hiking trail was. I love these photos.