The Color Before The Sun Tour @ The Fillmore, 3/27/16

This was such a wonderful show! I got to shoot Coheed and Cambria's set at Riot Fest last year, but honestly was in no way prepared for how insane their production was, so I was really excited to shoot them again when I was a little more prepared at The Fillmore. That, and I'm super in love with their new album. 

This was the last day of the tour, so the show was absolutely insane (as you can tell from the crowd photos below). I met some really cool people who had been following the entire tour and got to hang out with my friend Blake and the wonderful people in I The Mighty, who were cool enough to let me shoot their entire set. And I got to shoot Glassjaw, which was just surreal. Seriously, this show was so incredible. I can't even begin to put it into words. 

Coheed and Cambria


I The Mighty

Silver Snakes