Trail Ridge Road // Sunflower Fields - Summer 2016

I don't get up into the mountains as much as I would like, especially considering the fact that Rocky Mountain National Park is less than two hours away from me and even beautiful places like Boulder and Golden are even closer. But I had a pretty good excuse to get out and head up into the mountains when my lovely friend and fellow photographer, Irma told me she was going to be in Colorado for a few days! 

This trip was full of firsts, including my first time driving up trail ridge road, my first time in grand lake and (unfortunately) my first time almost driving my car off of a cliff (RIP my bumper). I was sad that Jordan wasn't able to make it up to RMNP with Irma, Tyler, Dom and I, but a few days later, before Irma and Tyler went home, I surprised them by bringing Jordan along to take some photos in sunflower fields out by the airport. 

This whole weekend was incredible, and it makes me want to get up into the mountains again before the weather starts getting crappy. Who's down? 

(Also, go check out Irma and Jordan's work. They're both amazing photographers and I'm really lucky to be able to call them my friends.)

Trail Ridge Road.

This is easily the most beautiful place I have ever been in my entire life. I don't know how I've lived in Colorado my whole life and never driven up this road, but I've been dying to go back and adventure some more ever since we went! 

Grand Lake

I didn't take many photos when we got into town because the sun set fairly quick, but I met some very curious horses and took a couple of photos on the lake and I really like them.


A lot of the sunflowers in this field were dead when we got here, but we still managed to find some pretty spots! Definitely the best ending to this weekend!