January 2017 Photo Blog

I'm terrible at keeping a blog up to date with every single show I shoot, so I figured that this year, I could share a little recap from each month instead! So without further adeiu, here is my January recap:

January is generally a really slow month for shows, so while I was patiently waiting for some good tours to come through, I caught a few local shows at The Marquis to start the year off right. I also caved and finally bought a new lens, so for all three of these shows, I got to play around with my new 14-24. It's my baby.   

1/4/17 - Overslept, Silver & Gold, The Left Hand Shakes & VYNYL @ The Marquis

This show was a lot of fun because every single band on the bill was absolutely incredible. I had been dying to see Overslept for quite a while, and when I shot VYNYL for the first time last year, they completely blew me away. Everyone was so fun and energetic on stage, it made for the perfect first show of 2017! 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)

1/13/17 - The Coast Is Ours, TETHYS, Hemingway Hero, Victim Culture & Bedford Falls @ The Marquis

This was the first time I got to play around with shutter drag with the new lens! Granted, I've rented it before, but it's different now that it's mine, okay? This show was fun because it was a little challenging. I really had to push myself to get the shots that I wanted and I'm really proud of the outcome. 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)

1/15/17 - The Burial Plot @ The Marquis

I'm bummed that I missed the rest of the bands at this show, but I didn't get off work till 8 and had to haul ass downtown to make it in time for The Burial Plot's set. These are some of my favorite guys to photograph, though, so even without the chance to warm up and shoot some other bands, it was still really fun! 

1/17/17 - August Burns Red, Protest The Hero, In Heart's Wake & '68 @ The Ogden

This show was a lot of fun! My friend Victor is the LD for August Burns Red, so I knew that it was going to be a great shoot, not to mention it was for the Messengers 10 year anniversary tour. I got a lot of shots that I've been dying to get with my wide lens, and a TON of the gorgeous lights from the crowd. Also got to shoot Protest for the first time in probably four years or so, so that was really nice! 

1/25/17 - Great Good Fine OK & Flor @ Larimer Lounge

First off, this show was so incredible. I gave up going to Frank Turner (who I love) the same night in favor of checking out Great Good Fine OK because I just recently got into them, and they completely blew me away! This was also probably one of the best lit shows I've shot at Larimer Lounge, so it was totally worth missing another show I really wanted to go to haha. Also bless the crowd and especially the people in the front row for letting me shoot in front of them for a song. They were amazing. 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)

1/27/17 - Winter On The Rocks ft. Zedd, Anderson .Paak & Lil Dicky @ Red Rocks

This show was hell, but it was a lot of fun. For some reason, I thought it would be really fun to shoot a show at Red Rocks in the middle of winter and really regretted not bringing hand warmers. (Shout out to the angel of a security guard who gave me some!) However, despite the cold, this show was a lot of fun to shoot, and I'm dying to get Anderson .Paak in front of my camera again cause damn is he amazing. Anyway, here's some photos. 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)

1/28/17 - AFI, Chain Gang of 1974 & Souvenirs @ The Gothic

This show was probably one of the biggest challenges I've had in a very long time, and not for the usual reasons. Crappy lighting, no barricade or weird photo restrictions are something that I've come to expect and have learned how to deal with, but the reason this show was difficult was because of the amount of photographers and lack of space for us. I don't think I've ever shot a show at The Gothic with more than about 6 photographers, but this time around there was about 15 of us, which is insane. On top of that, the venue's barricade was pushed closer than usual to the stage, giving us enough room to stand side by side and really limiting what we could do and where we could move while shooting. (Not to mention I felt like such an ass being so close and in the way of the fans in the front row.) I ended up squeezing behind some taller dudes (thank god for being small) and shot over their heads for a lot of these photos. Definitely didn't get a lot of the shots I was hoping to get, but I'm glad I walked away with some of these. 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)