Out Came The Wolves

The Word Alive @ Summit Music Hall, 2/26/16

I love shooting The Word Alive. If you know me, you know this. So obviously, when I heard they were headlining Summit, I had to go to the show. Even better was when they announced that they were playing with local support, because I love shooting my friends in Forty Fathoms. 

This show was actually kind of a challenge. I hadn’t shot at summit in a good four months, and basically had to relearn shooting there in the matter of a few songs. I don’t think these are my best photos I’ve ever taken of TWA, but I still really love them. I also loved getting to play around with the lighting (especially during Fit For A King) and getting some shots from the crowd, which is usually pretty hard at Summit. I had also never heard of Out Came The Wolves, but they were a total dream to shoot, and I really love my photos of them! Overall, this show was a bunch of fun!