April 2017 Photo Blog

April was nowhere near as crazy as March, but there were still quite a few shows this month! I got to play around with a few new techniques, take some spur of the moment promos at The Bluebird and shoot some bands that I've been dying to cross off my list for a while now. Things were pretty awesome. 

4/5 - Colony House & Knox Hamilton @ The Bluebird

I had been wanting to shoot Colony House again for quite some time (the last time was nearly 2 years ago) and I've really been digging their opener, Knox Hamilton lately, so this was the perfect show to kick off April. During both sets, I got to play around a little with some new toys which was fun. I also did a quick interview with Knox Hamilton before the show and took literally the fastest promo I've ever taken backstage. It's funny, because I always joke about how the shots I don't plan are always the ones I end up loving the most, and not only was this photo completely spur of the moment, but it was taken in a cramped basement of a venue with only the bathroom light as our light source. Needless to say, I love it. 

4/14 - State Champs, Against The Current, With Confidence & Don Broco @ Summit Music Hall

I love shooting State Champs, but to be honest, I was mostly excited to finally see and shoot Don Broco at this show. They've been one of my favorite bands for a while now but this was only their first time in the states. All of the photos from this show are some of my favorites I've taken all year, though. I love the lights, the color and the energy of all of these. 

4/17 - Thursday, Basement & Touche Amore @ Summit Music Hall

I'm gonna get sappy really quick. At Warped Tour 2006, I remember seeing Thursday for the first time. They were one of the last bands to play, and it was getting dark, so there were work lights that lit up the stage. It was so freaking cool, and I remember taking photos from the crowd on my disposable camera and thinking about how badass it would be to be one of the photographers up front. This was way before I even considered getting into concert photography. Flash forward a little over ten years, and I finally got to shoot their comeback tour in Denver, and it was just as awesome as I thought it would be. I fucking love Thursday. 

4/18 - New Found Glory @ The Marquis

I've shot New Found Glory countless times in different venues, but never at The Marquis. Admittedly, I was a little worried about this show because it was sold the fuck out and I had no side stage access, which meant I'd need to brave the crowd to get some shots. I don't really mind doing this, but I always feel like I'm some asshole getting in people's way with my camera. Everyone was super nice, though, and although I only have a handful of shots, I'm really proud of these. 

Pierce The Veil, Sum 41 & Emarosa @ The Ogden

I've shot Pierce The Veil countless times as well, but for some reason, this was the show I struggled with the most this month. I don't know if it was because of how many photographers were shooting this show and how difficult it was to navigate the pit or if I just wasn't feeling it, but I only have a handful of photos I really love from this one. However, the photos that I do like, I REALLY like haha. 

4/25 - SKYBURIAL @ Moon Room

This was Cody's last show with SKYBURIAL, so of course I had to come shoot (even though I secretly hate shooting at Moon Room.) I love these guys a lot and I'm really going to miss shooting this crazy dude.