May 2017 Photo Blog

It's almost the end of June and I'm finally getting this up. And this is exactly why I'd never be able to keep up with posting individual galleries for each of these shows... Haha. Anyway, without further adieu, here are some of my favorite shots from the month of May. 

5/3 - Balance And Composure, From Indian Lakes & Queen Of Jeans @ The Black Sheep

I loooove shooting From Indian Lakes and was really stoked about Balance And Composure, and because I bought a new little crystal before this show, I kind of went overboard... Haha. But I'm really happy with these photos, especially considering the crappy lighting this night.

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)

5/4 - Frank Iero and the Patience & Dave Hause and the Mermaid @ The Marquis

This show was a challenging shoot. Frank Iero is always a challenging shoot, haha. His fans are super passionate and don't really want to move for anyone, so I had to camp out to get the shots that I wanted, and then of course it turned out that I liked the photos that I didn't camp out for even more. Go figure. Lights at The Marquis were actually perfect for this show though, which made shooting much easier. 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)

5/6 - The 1975, Pale Waves & Colouring @ The Fillmore

If you know me, you know how much I freaking love The 1975, so getting to shoot this show for Interscope was a total dream. The band had pretty much the same exact setup last year when they played Red Rocks, which gave me a bit of an idea of how I wanted to shoot this show and I'm really, really happy with my photos. Pale Waves and Colouring were both really fun to shoot as well. Colouring pretty much only used blue lights, which would have been a struggle a year ago, but honestly, it really fit their vibe and I love how those photos turned out as well. 

5/7 - Colouring portraits

The 1975, Colouring and Pale Waves actually played in Denver for two nights, and before the second show on the 7th, I got to meet up with Colouring and take some pretty photos for Interscope. This was my first portrait shoot for the label and these guys couldn't have been easier to work with. We sort of just wandered around the neighborhood near the venue and found some pretty places to shoot and I couldn't be happier with these photos. 

5/7 - The 1975, Pale Waves & Colouring @ The Fillmore

I initially hadn't planned on shooting both nights of this tour, but after our shoot that afternoon, Colouring's team invited me to come out to night two as well, and I'm so glad that I did. This time around, I was less worried about getting good shots and more concerned with having fun. In turn, I ended up getting some photos I'm really in love with. 

5/16 - Fenech-Soler & Knox Hamilton @ Lost Lake

Going from shooting a massive show with an insane production at The Fillmore to this tiny show with virtually no lighting at Lost Lake less than two weeks later was... interesting. It was a rough shoot, but such a fun show and I ended up really liking some of these photos. 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)

5/30 - Great Good Fine OK & morgxn @ The Fox Theatre

I got to shoot Great Good Fine OK for the first time earlier this year at Larimer Lounge which had its challenges due to the small size of the venue, so I jumped at the chance to shoot them at the larger Fox Theatre in Boulder. This was my first time shooting a show at this venue (which is kind of crazy considering how long I've been shooting shows) and I was a little worried at first but ended up really loving it. These guys are a dream. 

(Full photo gallery on The Prelude Press)