Glass Animals @ The Ogden, 9/25/17

This summer, I made the choice to kind of take it easy and not try to shoot as many shows as possible, which is what I normally do. I was feeling really burnt out and found myself dreading going to shows rather than feeling excited to go shoot, and I never want this to feel like a shitty job. 

Flash forward a couple of months, though, and throughout August and most of September, I was feeling really rusty and not happy with my photography. It's a double-edged sword, haha. Anyway, I shot this show for Interscope - their lovely artist Amber Mark was opening (I'll post those photos on their own later) and I had also been wanting to shoot Glass Animals for a while, so it was a win/win. This show ended up being A LOT of fun to shoot (unsurprisingly) and these are actually some of my favorite photos from this year so far. I've never felt more ready to get out and shoot some more! 

Enough rambling. Here are some pretty pictures of Glass Animals.