Favorite Photos of February 2018

February was a really fun month! I got to do a more promo shoots than usual (and would love to keep doing more, hint hint) and shot some shows I was really excited about. There are a few photos from this month that I'm not quite allowed to share yet, but you'll see them when I can! Enjoy. 


These were for a cool feature we did with Aaron for The Prelude Press. Super laid back shoot at a bar downtown, all natural light, probably only took 5 minutes tops. I also got to use Dom's Fuji XT-2 for this one which was fun!

Citra @ The Hi-Dive

Before this show, I had never shot a show at the Hi-Dive, and holy crap is it challenging. CITRA made it a lot easier because they're really fun to shoot and have lots of pretty lights, though. 

Cashmere Cat & MØ @ The Ogden

This show was really challenging but really rewarding. Cashmere Cat was impossible to shoot from the tiny pit at The Ogden, so I hung out in the crowd for his set and ended up with some of my favorite photos so far this year, despite how difficult the lights were to shoot. MØ on the other hand was just an absolute dream to photograph, so it was nice to get to relax a little bit after such a hard set to shoot. 


Every time I do promos with Skyburial, it snows. Without fail. This shoot was no exception, but I'm really glad we braved the cold for that second shot because it is one of my favorites I've ever taken of them. 

Neck Deep, Seaway, Creeper & Speak Low If You Speak Love

This show was just a ton of fun to shoot. I'm seriously in love with all of my photos and it's hard to choose favorites. 


I looove the Mosaic guys. Every time they have me out to a show, I walk away with photos I'm really happy with. This one was actually kind of hard to shoot just because the lights at the Moon Room are difficult, but I'm really happy with how the photos turned out. 

Young Culture, Riviera, The Last Echo & Contender

This show was a lot of fun. It was also the first time I got to play around with the Fuji in a live setting and I'm really happy with how they turned out. (Also go listen to Young Culture because they're wonderful)