Favorite Photos of January 2018

Lets try this again, haha. Last year I got to May before I stopped posting monthly blogs of my favorite photos, but I really like doing this because I like looking back at my photos and learning what I can do better next time. So, here are my favorite photos of January 2018! 

Kenny & Amanda

I love these two, and this was a photographer's dream location for an engagement shoot. We were initially planning on going to the lake to take photos in the snow, but the cabin was just too perfect not to shoot in. 

Redlands, The Hollow & CITRA @ The Marquis

This was my first show of 2018 and I'm SUPER happy with the photos. What a perfect way to start the new year. 

Passion Pit @ The Ogden

I've been dying to see and shoot Passion Pit for quite a while and this show was a total dream come true. I don't really have much to write about other than the fact that Passion Pit and Courtship were a lot of fun to photograph. 


I also got to do some really quick promos with CITRA this month to go along with an interview on The Prelude Press. Didn't use any of my lighting gear and instead just worked with what we had and it was really fun. (It also helps when the band has their lighting gear in their practice space.)

Tonight Alive, Silverstein & Picturesque @ Summit Music Hall

HOLY. CRAP. This was so much fun. With stunning lighting and bands that are really fun to shoot, it gave me a chance to get creative and really perfect these photos. I want to keep pushing myself this year, and this show was all about really paying attention to how I was shooting and why.