This year was filled with learning experiences and challenges, and I’m happy that I persevered through it, because I feel like I came out stronger in the end and ended up creating some of my favorite photos to date.

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Favorite Photos of January 2018

Favorite Photos of January 2018

Lets try this again, haha. Last year I got to May before I stopped posting monthly blogs of my favorite photos, but I really like doing this because I like looking back at my photos and learning what I can do better next time. So, here are my favorite photos of January 2018! 

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So What?! Music Fest DAY 2, 3/20/16

So I've been slacking, but here are the photos from the second day of So What?! Music Fest, finally. I don't have too much to say except that this weekend was incredible and I got to meet and hang out with a lot of wonderful people and it was totally worth the trip! 

The Ongoing Concept

Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!


Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean are always wonderful to photograph, thought I've never had the chance to catch them at a festival. Last year at Warped, I ended up missing their set, so I was really happy to shoot them at So What?!. 


Emarosa is just insane live. If you've ever seen them with Bradley Walden, you know what I'm talking about. So it was no surprise that he spent more time in the crowd than he did on stage, or when he started climbing up the stage to hang upside down. It was total insanity and I'm so glad I got to catch it! 

Stray From The Path

Oh Sleeper


Born Of Osiris

To be honest, I didn't expect to like my photos of BOO as much as I do. I've shot them plenty of times before and I've always relied on their great lighting to get cool photos, so I wasn't sure how I was going to do in a festival setting. But, the sun was just starting to set during their performance and was shining through the stage and it was absolutely beautiful and made for some insane photos. 

The Word Alive

If you know me, you know how much I love shooting The Word Alive. I got to photograph them earlier this year in Denver, but wasn't extremely happy with my photos and really excited to redeem myself at So What?!. Thankfully, that's exactly what happened. Not gonna lie, my heart stopped a little when Telle singled me out to come scream into my camera. I live for moments like that! 



God, this was such a rough shoot. I opted to use my longer lens (which I did for the majority of this day) because of how many people were in the barricade, and I'm really glad I did. It was total insanity. Finally got some good photos of Brandon on drums, which was nice considering he is no longer in the band anymore. 

The Devil Wears Prada

Every time I shoot The Devil Wears Prada I have a new favorite photo and this set was no exception. Everything was perfect from the light to the craziness on stage to the time of day they performed. I'm just really happy with these photos. 


This was a really, really rough shoot for me. I think because TDWP right before was so easy and the lighting was so perfect, and this was the opposite of that. I wish I could have a redo, but I did walk away with a couple of photos that I like. 


Fucking Underoath. So, right before their set, we found out that no photographers were allowed barricade access. It was lame. But, I sucked it up and shoved my way into the huge crowd and shot with my longer lens in hopes of getting a few keepers because I didn't fly all the way to Texas for this festival for nothing and I would be damned if I didn't get some good photos of these guys. Thankfully, I didn't give up even though I ended up tossing about 2/3 of the photos I took, and walked away with a lot I love. 


2015 was an interesting year. It had its ups and downs, I was really happy with a lot of my photos, but unhappy with others. I learned a lot of new things, played around with some new techniques, reshaped my style, and most importantly, shot nearly every single show this year for my own publication. In years past, I have shot for other publications or freelance, but this being my second year of co-running The Prelude Press, I managed to shoot almost every single show (with the exception of a couple of freelance gigs, and a few shows for New Noise Magazine) for myself. 

I grew and leaned a lot this year, shot a lot of bands that I’ve been dying to shoot for a while now, and some others that I love shooting and have photographed a million times. Looking back on it, this year was all about capturing magical, emotional moments that meant something, and I’m super happy with how this year turned out. 

I got all access to shoot one of my favorite bands, the chance to be an amazing artist’s official photographer for a night, and got to shoot Warped Tour for the second time in a row, and Riot Fest for the first time ever, among countless other amazing things. 2015 has been absolutely incredible, and I’m so thankful that I have the photos to show for it. 

Below are some of my favorite images from 2015 in no particular order, as well as the stories behind them. I can’t wait for 2016!

Crossfaith @ Vans Warped Tour, Denver CO, 8/2/15

This was my second year in a row shooting Warped Tour, and I’m really glad that I took someone’s advice and checked out Crossfaith. Having only listened to them once or twice and knowing that they were crazy live, but unsure of how crazy exactly, this set was a dream come true. Keep in mind that I only shot the first three songs, so that means that their keyboardist had already chugged some Jäger and leapt into the crowd before those three songs were over. They’re insane and amazing to shoot, and this was easily my favorite shot I took all day!

Click here to check out my full Warped Tour blog.

Pierce The Veil @ The Fillmore Auditorium, 1/31/15

2015 started big with Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens & PVRIS on The World Tour in January. I love shooting PTV and SWS and was dying to shoot PVRIS, so I was really excited for this show, and it ended up being one of my favorite shoots of the entire year. I struggled a lot while choosing a favorite photo from this show, so I decided to stick with the photo that I posted first because I was so in love with it. I just really love how crisp and clean this image is.

Check out the full gallery from World Tour here. 

Silverstein @ Summit Music Hall, 2/6/15

A week after World Tour, I got to shoot Silverstein’s Discovering The Waterfront 10 year anniversary tour, and it was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. My friends in My Iron Lung were on this tour, and I did a really fun photo shoot with them before the show, and they gave me all access to shoot their set. (You can see all of the photos of them from both the shoot and the show at the link below.) This whole show was an incredible experience, from the hospitality of My Iron Lung to the kindness of the crew, as the venue didn’t want to allow me backstage at first, but a crew member told them to let me in. I don’t know who it was, but thank you! 

Anyway, Silverstein has been one of my favorite bands for years, so I jumped at the opportunity to shoot their whole set as well, especially considering how beautiful their lighting was. This photo was taken during “My Heroine,” as the crowd was singing along. It was magical. 10/10 would do again.

Check out the full gallery from Silverstein here.

frnkiero and the cellabration @ The Marquis, 3/5/15

I learned a lot about shooting at The Marquis this year, and this show was the first of those many learning experiences. I was in the midst of freaking out about actually getting to shoot Frank Iero, something that I thought was never going to happen, when the TM told me that I would not be able to shoot side stage. Now, if you’ve ever been to The Marquis, you know how packed it can get, and as a photographer, it’s pretty damn difficult to get up front to get good photos of the headliner. It’s always easier to shoot side stage. However, easier doesn’t always mean better, and I definitely learned that with this show. 

Instead of getting upset or discouraged about my photos, I said “fuck it” and charged into the crowd with the intention of getting good photos no matter what it took. I took my external flash off of my camera and handed it to my boyfriend, so that I wouldn’t be too in the way of fans, and, as politely as I could, I shoved my way through the crowd until I was almost all the way up front. Thankfully, it seemed that the fans were all very nice and accommodating and some of them even pushed me further so I could get closer. 

I had only shot at The Marquis without a flash once or twice before this show, but apparently, the lighting gods decided to be kind to me this day, because I ended up getting some of my favorite shots I’ve ever taken at this show, and of one of my favorite musicians. When I wasn’t happy with my photos at first, my boyfriend told me to get back in there and keep shooting till I got good ones, and I’m so freaking glad that I did. I kept a positive attitude, tried my hardest, and ended up falling in love with all of my photos, but especially this one in particular. (Sorry this one was really long, I just have a lot of feelings.)

Check out the full gallery from frnkiero and the cellabration here.

Four Year Strong @ The Marquis, 9/8/15

I shot Four Year Strong twice this year, but their show at The Marquis was definitely the better of the two. They were just made to play intimate venues like this, and I feel like this photo totally showcases that! And remember that thing I said about learning new ways to shoot at The Marquis? Well, I wanted to be able to get good photos of every member of FYS, which is damn near impossible from side stage, so I decided to stake out a spot on stage right and sit up on top of a monitor so I was out of the way from the crowd and safe from stage divers (like my friend Trevor in this photo, for instance.) Shooting this show was different from any other show I’ve ever shot at The Marquis, which made it a fun learning experience. Plus, I love when I get photos of people I know at shows.

Check out all of the photos from Four Year Strong here.

Haste The Day @ The Marquis, 5/29/15

Speaking of getting photos of people I know at shows, that’s my friend Danie standing on top of the crowd at Haste The Day. Her and I actually met because I took some photos of her in the crowd at Warped Tour last year. Funny how things work out. 

I also really love this photo because, out of the four album release shows that Haste The Day played, I got to shoot their Denver show, and I was the only photographer there. On top of that, there were a ton of people standing side stage at this show and I thought for sure that I wasn’t going to get any good shots, but the guys in Haste The Day and all of their friends were super nice and accommodating and let me through to get the shots I needed.

Terror @ Summit Music Hall, 6/6/15

I really love this photo from Terror, and it's also another photo of people I know in the crowd, haha. They are most certainly NOT meant to play venues with barricades, and I hate shooting Terror with one as much as the band hates playing with one and as much as fans hate it too, but I really love this photo. While it’s not really overly artistic or even of the band, I love this photo because I know quite a few of the people in it, but also because of just how many crowd surfers there are at once. I mean, look at them. There are five that you can count in the photo, not counting the crowd that was just as rowdy behind them, too. It was insane. I love the passion and the energy here. Photos like this are why I’m always reminded to turn around and snap some shots of the crowd, too.

Check out all of the photos from Terror here.

The Word Alive @ Summit Music Hall, 3/17/15

This wouldn’t be an end of the year photo roundup if it didn’t include at least one photo of Telle Smith screaming at my camera. This show was another that I was super excited for in 2015, mainly because I just love shooting The Word Alive so much. They’re always so fun and always interact well with photographers, and this show was no exception. I can’t wait to shoot them again in 2016!

Check out all of the photos from The Word Alive here.

The Devil Wears Prada @ Summit Music Hall, 3/17/15

This photo was taken at the same show as the photo of Telle Smith above. I have always loved shooting The Devil Wars Prada, so it’s no surprise that this show was a ton of fun too. Their vocalist, Mike is always so emotive on stage, and I really love his expression and the movement in this photo, from his hair to his hand to the cord from the mic. I love the burst of light behind him, too. This was seriously just a perfect moment. I love capturing special moments like this.

Check out all of the photos from The Devil Wears Prada here.

The Used @ The Fillmore Auditorium, 4/12/15

This was my first time shooting The Used, and it was an absolute blast! I have loved them for years, and watched a ton of live videos of them before this show to prepare myself for it, because I wanted to get the best photos possible. The only thing that sucked was how tall the stage is at The Fillmore, but that was easy to overcome and forget about as soon as the band started playing and I saw their beautiful lighting. I chose this photo, because originally, I thought it was a throwaway shot, but coincidentally, my friend Ashley texted me out of the blue the day after the show, giving me some random editing advice, and what she told me actually ended up saving this photo and helping me out a lot for the rest of the year. So thanks, Ashley, if you’re reading this! I am so happy with this photo.

Check out all of the photos from The Used here.

Cypress Hill @ Riot Fest Denver, 8/28/15

This year was also my first year shooting Riot Fest, which was just an incredible experience on its own. Not only did I get to shoot people I never thought I’d even have the chance to see, like Tenacious D, The Pixies & Ice Cube, I also got some photos that I’ll love forever. I chose this one of Cypress Hill because I never shoot artists like them, and I never get photos like this. I love how simple this is, and I love the lighting in it.

Check out all of the photos from Day 1 of Riot Fest here. 

Rise Against @ The Fillmore Auditorium, 8/16/15

I’ve seen Rise Against a few times, but I never shot them until this show, and it was an amazing experience. Their stage setup and lighting was incredible, their fans were rowdy, and they were a ton of fun to photograph! I also really love when I can get a wide shot of a band member and the entire stage setup, and that’s what happened in this photo, on top of capturing a really raw moment. Again, I live for moments like this, which makes this photo one of my favorites from this year.

Check out all of the photos from Rise Against here.

letlive. @ The Fillmore Auditorium, 8/16/15

I also got to shoot some of my favorite people in the world at the Rise Against show, as letlive. was opening up for them. It was pretty insane, mostly because, as many times as I have photographed letlive., I’ve never seen them on a stage quite this big. The lighting was god awful for the majority of their set, but I made it work and ended up getting some photos that I’m in love with. I also normally struggle when it comes to getting good photos of Ryan, so I’m especially happy with this photo. The moment, the lights, and the little droplets of water in the air made for a really beautiful photo.

Check out all of the photos from letlive. here.

Dashboard Confessional @ The Fillmore Auditorium, 7/9/15

Shooting Dashboard Confessional this year was a total dream come true. I have loved them for so long that the fact that I actually got to photograph them was absolutely surreal. Even more surreal was the fact that, after the usual three songs that photographers are allotted to photograph an artist, Chris Carrabba leaned down into the barricade, and told security to let the photographers stay as long as they liked, as long as they were having fun. It was amazing, and easily the most fun I’ve ever had at a show. On top of that, Dashboard’s production was absolutely amazing. Some of the easiest and prettiest lights I’ve ever shot. Also, Third Eye Blind was headlining, and being able to shoot them was insane too. Overall, this night was just remarkable.

Check out all of the photos from Dashboard Confessional here. 

Melanie Martinez @ The Ogden, 10/7/15

I’m so in love with Melanie Martinez. Not only is she an incredible performer and super fun to take photos of, but her stage setup and lighting production was absolutely incredible for this show. I tried not to edit these photos too much, as it was apparent that everything was lit and colored for a specific reason. Everything about this show had meaning, and she is such a passionate performer that it was a joy to photograph her. This show was also awesome because I was one of only two photographers this night. I really love how much she emotes on stage and how it translated into the photos!

Check out all of the photos from Melanie Martinez here.

Enter Shikari @ The Marquis, 4/14/15

God, this show was madness. I got to the venue early only to find out there was no room for me to stand side stage, so a staked a claim in the corner of the room where I knew I’d meet the least amount of stage divers, and stayed there all night to get good photos. The tour lighting was disgustingly hot and I was all gross and sweaty by the time the first band finished playing, but I ended up getting some of my favorite photos ever at this show. The things I do for good photos. 

Enter Shikari is seriously one of the funnest bands to photograph, though. They’re wild on stage, their lighting is incredible, and their fans are even crazier. I planned on staying in my little corner of the crowd for the entire night, but the Rou Reynolds climbed into the crowd and started heading toward the back of the venue, and I sprinted after him, and ended up getting this shot of him perched up on the small balcony, with the stage and the rest of the band in the background. It was wild. I really couldn’t believe that this moment happened. In fact, I still cant. Damn.

Check out all of the photos from Enter Shikari here.

Black Veil Brides @ Vans Warped Tour, Denver CO, 8/2/15

Two years ago, when I was naive and judgmental, I never thought I’d say that I was excited about shooting Black Veil Brides, nor did I think I’d say that one of my favorite photos would be of frontman Andy Biersack. But honestly, even if I don’t really listen to them, I can appreciate a talented, passionate, and fun to watch band when I see one, and man, are Black Veil Brides all of those things. Plus, Andy is super photogenic. The camera loves him, so he was a dream to shoot. I really love this photo because of how sharp and clean it is, but also because of the passion and emotion on his face. It was an easy shot, but one I really love.

Click here to check out my full Warped Tour blog.

Beartooth @ Vans Warped Tour, Denver CO, 8/2/15

Beartooth was another great band that I loved shooting at Warped Tour, both because of how much I love their music and because I know how crazy, emotional and passionate they are on stage. And also because I know how much guitarist Kamron Bradbury loves to climb in the crowd. I’ll admit, I cheated a little, because I knew he was going to do this at some point during their set, and I was hoping it was during the first three songs, so when he started climbing off of the stage, I immediately followed and snapped a ton of photos of him in the crowd. However, I really love the look on not only Kamron’s face as he looked back at the rest of the band, but also on the faces of all of the fans in the crowd. This moment was really special, and I’m glad I captured it.

Click here to check out my full Warped Tour blog.

letlive. @ The Fillmore Auditorium, 8/16/15

In the past, I have tried really hard to color correct a lot of my live shots to save skin tones or make them look more pleasing. Reds and blues are a pain in the ass to shoot, and don’t always make photos particularly pretty, but sometimes, they really make the moment. While I love editing the crap out of photos and changing them to look how I want them to, I am also first and foremost a photo journalist. When I shoot shows, I am doing so so that people can look back on the photos and remember being there, or look at the photos and wish they were there. In some ways, editing the lighting and making the photos look completely different is lying to those people. While I certainly think there is a time and place for everything (and I still will edit some photos more than others, when needed) I’m really glad that I left this photo of Jason of letlive. as raw and simple as this moment was. 

Of course, this wouldn’t be a “favorite photos” post without at least one photo of Jason, and this is one of my favorite photos I took of letlive. this year. Why? Because of the reasons stated above. It’s raw and emotional. It’s a moment that Jason took to himself in between singing, screaming, or talking to the crowd. To over edit this photo and make it something that it’s not would be a crime, because this particular moment was so real and beautiful. The photo needed to reflect that.

Maybe this just sounds really lame and cheesy, maybe I’m overthinking it, but even though this isn’t a huge, explosive moment with crazy bright lights or beautiful stage production, it’s a moment, and that’s what concert photography is all about. 

Also if you’re reading this Jason, sorry I got all sappy about another photo of you this year haha.

Check out all of the photos from letlive. here.

Twenty One Pilots @ Red Rocks, 9/27/15

I honestly still can’t believe I took this photo. Nor can I believe I shot this show. I photographed Twenty One Pilots almost two years ago when they were still pretty small, and to see them at an insanely sold out Red Rocks show was, well, insane. This was the only show I shot at Red Rocks this year, and I’m glad that of all of them, it was this one. I love Twenty One Pilots for the same reasons I love shooting a lot of bands on this list, and that’s because of how passionate they are on stage, and how much care they put into their live production and performances. Their lights were hard to shoot at times, but really beautiful, and they were wild onstage as always. This moment was honestly just a perfect moment. The white front lights came one and Tyler Joseph was running across the stage and I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Minimal editing went into this photo because, like the photo of letlive. above, I wanted it to tell the same story that everyone at the show saw. (And also because it would be unnatural for a Twenty One Pilots photo to not be red.)

Check out all of the photos from Twenty One Pilots here.

Thrice @ Riot Fest Denver, 8/29/15

I fucking love Thrice. I mean, that’s not the only reason this photo made it on this list, but it’s a big factor. I shot them back when they did their farewell tour, but that was when I was still learning, and not really sure what I was doing, so it was nice to be able to have a second chance at Riot Fest. This was also when I was just starting to play around with this style of double exposures, and I am really happy with the way this photo turned out. I just wanna shoot Thrice all the time.

Check out all of the photos from Day 2 of Riot Fest here. 

Circa Survive @ The Ogden, 11/4/15

Remember that thing I said about leaving photos raw and not trying to color correct them? I really played around with that with some of my photos of Circa Survive. Going into this show, I knew that the majority of their lights were blue and it was just something I was going to have to deal with. So instead of getting upset and letting it effect the way I shot, or instead of over editing them to try to fix it, I simply accented the blues and made it glow a bit more, if that makes sense. Circa Survive had a live lighting production for a reason. If they didn’t want blue lights, they wouldn’t have them, so it only made sense to accent that, rather than get rid of it. Anthony Green was also really hard to shoot because of how much he moved around, but I ended up getting a lot of photos I loved, especially this one, which I think is really special, considering the guy in the corner has a Circa Survive tattoo on his arm. I love it.

Check out all of the photos from Circa Survive here.

Lights @ The Ogden, 12/1/15

Lights was a totally magical experience all on its own. I originally didn’t plan on covering this show for my magazine because I really needed some time off of shooting shows by the end of the year. But when I heard that Lights was doing an all access “Lights Live Pass” contest, I knew I had to enter. Basically, she was choosing one photographer per show to shoot her entire set from anywhere in the venue. I really didn’t think I’d win, but I decided fuck it and entered, and a week before the show, I got an email saying that they chose me! It was amazing. Unfortunately at my show, there was no backstage access due to limited room for me, but I got to shoot her entire set and be her “official” photographer for the night, and that was still a one of a kind experience. She is an amazing performer, her production was beautiful, and she and her fans were some of the most kind hearted people ever. I’m so happy with all of my photos from this show, but especially this one, because of the explosion of light and color behind her. It was a beautiful, unforgettable moment

Check out all of the photos from Lights here.

The Wonder Years @ The Ogden, 10/27/15

Last but certainly not least, The Wonder Years. I’m not gonna lie, I saved my favorite photo for the end. Sorry not sorry. 

This show was the embodiment of how I’ve grown over the past year, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I’ve shot The Wonder Years a handful of times since I first started shooting shows, and even recently this year at Warped Tour, but as much as I love this band, I have never really loved any of the photos I’ve taken of them. Sure, I’ve captured Soupy’s signature posi-jump, and I loved taking photos of him in his awesome Bernie Sanders shirt at Warped Tour, but none of those photos ever really stood out or felt magical to me. So it only makes sense that I really love my photos of The Wonder Years from a show where everything could have possibly gone wrong, if I wasn’t well equipped to deal with it.

When I got to the show, I was told that I was allowed barricade access to shoot all of the bands (which is normal) except The Wonder Years (which is not). I’ve shot a couple of shows where the headliners pulled barricade access, but all of those I knew about ahead of time, and it was usually because the band was recording the show, but I had no idea that it was going to be the case for this show or why. BUT instead of throwing a fit about it or just accepting the fact that my photos were gonna suck without barricade access and a longer lens, I fucking dealt with it. 

This year was a lot of that for me - getting told that I had no side stage or barricade access last minute, showing up only to find out that lighting was awful or I had to shoot from the crowd, or in the case of Riot Fest, finding out last minute that I didn’t have access to shoot one of my favorite bands. But, over the past year, I’ve grown and learned quite a lot about dealing with a less than favorable situation and making it work. So instead of getting upset or complaining, I said, “Nope. I’m getting good photos. This is happening,” and I shoved my way (politely, of course) through the crowd, found a good spot, and waited for the right moment. Thankfully, The Wonder Years had beautiful lighting, their fans were all incredibly nice, and they put on a great performance. It’s funny that my favorite photo of this band is from a show where everything could have gone wrong, rather than earlier this year where I had perfect outdoor lighting and a massive barricade to shoot in, but it sort of makes sense. 

This year was all about saying “Fuck it, I’m getting this photo,” getting it done, and capturing beautiful moments, and that’s why this one is my favorite. Now hopefully, I can grow even more next year.

Check out all of the photos from The Wonder Years here. 

Vans Warped Tour 2015, Denver CO 8/2/15

Warped Tour was interesting this year. I've been going to Warped for a good 10 years, and it has always been at Invesco Field (or Mile High Stadium, or Sports Authority Field, whatever you want to call it) and this year it was in the Pepsi Center parking lot, which was significantly smaller and with less grass to sit in and no cool bridge over the stages. I'm a little biased but I really really missed it being at Invesco and it sort of threw me off. However, I'm still really happy with my photos. It was just navigating the venue that was sort of annoying. 

I really wanted to spend some time on these photos. While I managed to shoot more bands than I did last year, I wanted to be able to capture the essence of each band in my photos and edit them accordingly. Last year, I made a preset for my Warped Tour photos and edited them as fast as possible just to get them up, which was nice and all but it left a lot of my photos looking very similar. This year, I took my time and edited them in a way that I felt suited each band. (For instance, I felt that my PVRIS photos needed to be more on the purple side, whereas my Beartooth ones are very bright and perfect for the time they played, which was right around sunset.)

Like last year, I'll talk a little bit about each band and their set throughout this blog. Enjoy!

I Killed The Prom Queen - To be honest, I was a little thrown off that these guys were the first band of the day because they're just so amazing. But they had SO MUCH energy throughout their entire set. I got my first jump shot of the day in about one song, which I'm pretty sure is record timing for me, so that was pretty awesome. I also edited these photos a little harsher and grittier.

Escape The Fate - I shot these guys a while back and had some down time in the beginning of my day, so I figured the natural thing to do would be to shoot them again! Escape The Fate is just always so energetic and exciting, so I gave these photos some high contrast and bright colors. They're just too fun!

Transit - It felt so weird to be shooting these guys from a barricade. Last time I shot Transit was at The Marquis and it was insanity. They're meant to play small venues with crowd surfing and stage diving and sing alongs. So instead, I obnoxiously sang along from the barricade, which was pretty cool. I wanted these photos to be bright and vibrant because they were really happy on stage. (Also because it was super sunny and hot while they were playing haha)

Hundredth -  This was actually one of the shoots I struggled with, unfortunately. I'm not unhappy with my photos of them, but I've definitely taken better ones at smaller venues that I like more. Hundredth is another band that shouldn't have a barricade haha. But I still walked away from this set with some photos I liked! My friend Jesus also hopped on stage and did some guest vocals during their set which was pretty sweet.

Neck Deep - I didn't take as many photos as I wanted to of Neck Deep, but I sadly only caught one song of theirs. They're always super fun to shoot, though!

Moose Blood - This was one of the few bands that I NEEDED to shoot and see this year. I've been listening to Moose Blood non stop for a while now and have been dying to see them live, and I'm really happy that I got to shoot them their first time in Denver. This was definitely one of the sets I took a lot of care in how I edited. I really wanted these photos to reflect them as a band.

Palisades - I totally accidentally ended up shooting these guys but I'm so glad I did! I loved their new album and really wanted to catch them the Warped but didn't think I'd have the chance to do so, so this was a nice surprise. I unfortunately only got to shoot one song, so there aren't a ton of photos.

Silverstein - I love love love shooting Silverstein. They've been one of my favorite bands since high school and I always jump at the chance to photograph them. This was purely me being selfish and shooting a band I really love, so there are a crapload of photos and I edited them very simplistically. 

Riff Raff - This was sort of an unplanned shoot, and we really only got like one song, so there are only a few photos, but it was goofy and fun as hell!

Our Last Night - I really like shooting these guys, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity when I had some down time during their set. They're super fun. I wasn't really sure how I wanted to edit these photos, so I just focused on making them look pretty!

August Burns Red - These guys are way too much fun to shoot, so I couldn't pass up the chance to do so! Jake and his mic swinging really gives me a chance to take some cool wide shots. These are definitely some of my favorite shots from the day, especially with the way I chose to edit them, with a bit of a green tint and saturated colors.

The Wonder Years - I love shooting The Wonder Years, though for some reason this shoot was a little tough. I think I was partially distracted because I just finished up my only interview for the day and was getting back in the swing of shooting, and partially because I was freaking out about Soupy’s Bernie Sanders shirt haha. There are definitely some photos in this set that I really love, though. I also gave these photos more of a blue feel to them to match TWY’s backdrop and Soupy’s shirt. 

Crossfaith - Please bear with me while I gush about how incredible Crossfaith’s set was. Seriously, if I could just shoot this band until the end of time, I would be happy. Their energy on stage was insane and they were too much fun to shoot. They really know how to put on a show. I wanted to edit these photos with the colors toned down a little bit, using a lot of black and white to keep it simplistic. This was easily my favorite shoot of the day. They were insane. 10/10 would shoot forever. 

BoyMeetsWorld - I shot these photos for the upcoming issue of The Prelude Press. These guys were super neat and fun to shoot, especially a little up close and personal on a small stage like this one. Go check them out!

'68 - ’68 is so much fun to shoot. I shot them last year on Chiodos’ headlining tour and they were hilarious and super energetic. It was the same at Warped Tour, if not more so, and this set was amazing, especially when Josh started throwing his guitar in the air.

PVRIS - This is biased because I love them and was really looking forward to seeing them, but this was definitely one of my favorite performances and shoots of the day. This band is incredible and seeing them on a main stage was amazing. There were also some new editing styles that I really wanted to try out specifically on their set, so that was fun too. I definitely spent a lot of time finding the right way to edit these photos, as well, and I felt the purple tint really suited them.

Black Veil Brides - I’ve really been dying to photograph this band. I don’t really listen to their music, but I always see incredible photos of them and wanted to take some of my own! They didn’t disappoint at all and it was a ton of fun.

We Came As Romans - It has been like 3 years since I’ve shot this band, and somehow I had some free time during their set so I ran over and got some photos of them! I’m super in love with the way I edited these, too, as the colors match their amps

Mod Sun - The first time I saw Mod Sun was back when I was a Junior in high school. That was also the last time I saw him, sadly. Every time he has been through Colorado, I have missed him for some reason or another and never had the chance to photograph him until now, and it was so much fun! This dude is so freaking happy on stage, and it made for a really fun shoot

Beartooth - I love Beatooth so much. They were one of my must shoots of the day. They’re always so crazy and Kamron almost always climbs in the crowd, so I knew it would make for great photos, and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m also really happy with the warm way I edited these.