The Black Sheep



This year was filled with learning experiences and challenges, and I’m happy that I persevered through it, because I feel like I came out stronger in the end and ended up creating some of my favorite photos to date.

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Sleep When I Die Tour @ The Black Sheep, 3/16/15

I originally hadn't planned on shooting this show, because I knew I'd have to shoot from the crowd at The Black Sheep, and I wasn't sure if a 2 hour drive to Colorado Springs would be worth it. I sucked it up when I got the offer for this show and decided to do it, though, and I couldn't be more happy that I did! 

The last time I shot New Found Glory, shooting conditions were pretty unfavorable, but this time, unlike last time, I was prepared. (I also made some friends in the crowd who let me take their spot to shoot a couple of songs because they were total sweethearts.) While, like always, I wish I would have gotten more/better photos, I'm really happy with how the ones of NFG turned out!

Turnstile was an interesting shoot, mainly because the crowd was so crazy, I really didn't want to be up close for them. I've learned that lesson the hard way WAY too many times. I'm not 100% happy with my photos of them, but I'm really glad I got some cool crowd shots. 

I love shooting This Wild Life and I probably took way too many photos of them, but I don't care. They were the second band of the night, so it was pretty easy to find a spot up close to get some good photos of them. The last two times I shot them, I feel like I got better/more photos of Anthony than I did of Kevin, so I'm also really happy that I got a ton of photos of him this time around! I don't care how many times they come through, I will always love shooting these guys!

There was also a super cute proposal during their set, and I really regret not finding the couple afterwards, because I took a ton of photos of them. They were adorable.

Turnover was a fun shoot, too, mainly because their lighting was gorgeous and the majority of their set was relatively mellow and easy to shoot. I pretty much had all of the photos I needed within the first two songs, but I'm really glad I stuck around, because the crowd went crazy when they played "Most Of The Time" and the last photo in this set was taken during that song and it's probably my favorite of them!