Favorite Photos of May 2018

May was INSANE. There were so many incredible shows this month, each challenging and rewarding in its own way. I don't have too much to say, other than I'm really excited about a lot of these images. 

X Ambassadors, Misterwives & Allan Rayman @ Red Rocks

This show was so much fun! I've been DYING to shoot X Ambassadors for a while and this was everything I wanted and more. I didn't edit a whole ton of photos of Misterwives and Allan Rayman, but they were both incredible as well. Even though it started pouring about halfway through, the skies were clear while we were shooting which was wonderful. 

K. Flay @ Summit Music Hall

This show was a CHALLENGE. K. Flay moves around so much on stage and her lighting is so moody that it made for a tough shoot. However, I'm really happy with the photos that I did get. It kept me on my toes. 

The Struts @ The Ogden Theatre

Like X Ambassadors, I've wanted to shoot The Struts for a long time now, and this show was everything I hoped for and more as well. Stunning lights and a really fun to photograph band make for great shots. 

Sum 41, Seaway & Super Whatevr @ The Ogden Theatre

For some reason, I always feel like Sum 41 are hard to shoot even though they really aren't. After this show, I felt really unhappy with my photos, but after I edited them I realized I got a lot that I really liked. ALSO, Seaway are SO MUCH FUN to shoot. I'll never get tired of taking photos of them.

FRENSHIP @ Ophelia's Electric Soapbox

This show was uncharted territory for me. Not only had I never shot FRIENDSHIP before, but I'd never been to Ophelia's AND had a list of shots that the band wanted (if possible). I was super stressed going into this one, but it actually ended up being one of my favorite shows I shot this month. The venue was gorgeous and really fun to shoot at, the band's lights were beautiful and they were super energetic and fun to photograph. Seriously, it was a photographer's dream. 

Amber Mark, Demo Taped & Adiel Mitchell @ The Marquis

This was hands down one of my favorite shows I shot all month. Amber Mark is just so photogenic and easy to photograph that it gave me the chance to really take care in making purposeful, beautiful photographs. It was a nice change of pace, since other shows can be so fast-paced that you're struggling to just get a few good shots in a couple songs. Also, Demo Taped was super fun and Adiel Mitchell is INCREDIBLE. 

THE FEVER 333 @ The Black Sheep

FINALLY. I've been dying to shoot The Fever 333 for MONTHS and this show was 100% worth the wait. These guys keep me on my toes. I was running around this show like a crazy person trying to keep up with Jason. Wild show. Insane talent. Powerful message. Seriously, go listen to them if you haven't.