Favorite Photos of June 2018

JUNE WAS NUTS. (I'm sure that much is obvious, considering it's July 20th and I'm just now getting around to posting this blog.) Not only did I decide to take on a lot of shows in a very short period of time, but I also started a new job at the beginning of June, which made juggling everything a little difficult for a couple of weeks. BUT, I still managed to get out and shoot, and I'm really happy with some of the photos I made this month.

Emo Nite @ Summit Music Hall

Nothing really beats shooting a sold the heck out Emo Nite at Summit Music Hall on your birthday. This was so insane. To see something that started as the Emo Nite LA crew and a handful of my friends at The Marquis turning into this is amazing. An acoustic set from The Spill Canvas was wonderful as well. 

Wes Period @ Pepsi Center

This one was kind of rough. Soundboard shoots generally are, but when there's no production, it's a little bit more of a challenge. I'm definitely not as happy as I could be with these photos, but with everything I was given, I did still get a few shots that I really liked. 

Tory Lanez @ Summit Music Hall

Holy crap. Every single time I see Tory Lanez, he just blows me away. Not only was his production amazing, he's just an incredible performer. The last time he played in Denver, I didn't get any shots of him in the crowd, so it was my goal this time around to change that, and I ended up with one of my favorite photos I've ever taken. In this little intimate moment in the middle of the madness that was his set, he glanced up at the balcony (where I was shooting from) and made eye contact with my camera. Talk about right place at the right time. 

Dance Gavin Dance @ The Gothic Theatre

Right after shooting Tory Lanez, I drove across town to catch the end of Dance Gavin Dance's set at The Gothic and got there with a few songs of their set left. I ended up running down to the pit to snag a few quick photos and am really happy with the couple that I did get. This night was kind of just incredible. 


Before Dance Gavin Dance and Tory Lanez, I also did some quick headshots with my lovely friend, Andi downtown. We didn't have a lot to work with location-wise, but I'm really happy with how this quick session turned out. 

Sir Sly @ Hodi's Half Note

This was my fourth show in three days and practically the entire state of Colorado was under a tornado watch the entire day, so I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to make it all the way to Fort Collins to shoot this show. I was super bummed because I have been dying to shoot Sir Sly since the last time I saw them back in 2015, but at the last minute, the storms cleared up a little bit (it was still terrifying driving an hour to the venue) so we decided to go for it. I also had never shot a show at Hodi's, so I wasn't sure what to expect. It was definitely a challenge as it's a super dark, narrow venue and all the tall people kept standing in front of me, but I'm really happy with how these photos turned out!