Favorite Photos of August 2018

Usually, August is a crazy month for me, but I kind of took things easy this time around. With Summit and The Marquis closed all month and having just started a new job, I didn’t want to overwork myself, so I ended up not shooting as many shows as I usually do. However, I’m really happy with the photos that I did make this month, so enjoy!

Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls @ Red Rocks

I love Frank Turner and I love Red Rocks, so I jumped at the opportunity to shoot this show for Interscope. Seriously, this night was just perfect. It sprinkled a little, but not until after I was done shooting and the lights were perfect.

Underoath @ The Black Buzzard

Sooo this was a really cool one. Underoath played this intimate acoustic show at The Black Buzzard, and I decided to snap a few photos using my boyfriends Fuji X-T2. Because this was such a small show (and tickets were only given out to people who won them) I really didn’t want to be too invasive while shooting, so I only took a few photos, but I’m still really happy with how these came out. What an awesome show.

Yelawolf @ The Ogden

Yelawolf is almost always a challenge to shoot, which is a bummer because I love shooting him. For this show, it wasn’t necessarily the lights or the artist that made shooting hard, it was mostly just how disgustingly hot and miserable the venue was. Other than that, though, this was a blast.

Nightlove Video Shoot @ Milk Bar

So technically, these photos weren’t taken in August, but the video didn’t come out until then, so they were under wraps until recently. These are some behind the scenes shots for Nightlove’s “San Antone” video, shot over the course of two days. This was a ton of fun, but the video is even better - check it out HERE.