Favorite Photos of September 2018

I kind of took it easy this summer, but in September, I finally started getting back in the swing of things. There were a ton of incredible shows this month, and I finally got to get out and do a portrait shoot and mess around with night photography. This month was a ton of fun!

Nightlove @ The Gothic

I just really love photographing Nightlove, and this show was the perfect one to kickstart a busy month of shows. Also, pink and purple lights are kind of my jam.

Edwards, Colorado

I’ve been dying to do some night photography for a long time now, but never have the time/change to do so. When I was up in Edwards for a friend’s wedding, it was the perfect opportunity - you could see the Milky Way with the naked eye. It was INSANE. There’s also a couple of pretty pictures of the fall colors in there too.

Nothing But Thieves @ The Gothic

This show was definitely a challenge, but it was a lot of fun. The majority of Nothing But Thieves’ lights were strobes, which kept me on my toes and pushed me to get some unique shots regardless of the circumstances

Tilian, Andrés, Royal Coda, Sunsleep & innerspace @ The Marquis

This show was a lot of fun. These artists are all a joy to shoot, which gave me some wiggle room to really be thoughtful and purposeful with the photos that I was taking. Also, silly string makes for great photos.

Korie Senior Photos - Denver

Oh man. I’ve been DYING to do a shoot like this for a while, so I jumped at it when Korie asked me to do her senior photos. We ran around downtown Denver with no real plan in mind and just took photos in some neat areas when we were feeling inspired. I haven’t been doing many portrait sessions lately, but this got me really excited to do more!

The Spill Canvas & Selfish Things @ The Marquis

This show was a bit of a struggle to shoot mainly because it was sold out and I wasn’t feeling incredibly inspired by the lighting, but The Spill Canvas are always a joy to photograph. Selfish Things were also a really pleasant surprise and I’m super happy with how these photos turned out!

Emo Nite @ Summit

Oh, Emo Nite. This one was a little insane with Craig Owens (Chiodos) kicking off the night and Tyler Szalkowski (State Champs) DJing as well. Sometimes, Emo Nite can feel really exhausting and repetitive, but when I walk away with photos like this (and no voice by the end of the night), it’s definitely worth it.