Photo Roundup - January 2019

Four shows really isn’t a whole lot (and I was supposed to shoot a 5th if I hadn’t gotten sick this month) but this was definitely one of the busiest Januarys I’ve had in a few years. I always love starting off the year with a local show or two, so the perfect start to the year was 888 and Nightlove, followed by the Prelude Press anniversary party with My Body Sings Electric and innerspace.

I think my goal this year is not to settle for mediocre photos and push myself to get the shots that I want, no matter what it takes. I’m writing that down here so I don’t forget it in a few months, and I think I started off strong with these first four shows this year.

888 & Nightlove @ Marquis Theater

I feel like the first show of the new year is always shaky for me because chances are, it has been at least 2 or 3 weeks since I’ve picked up my camera to shoot a show, and I’m feeling rusty. Honestly, I was feeling that way at the start of this show, but then I decided fuck it, I’m not just going to sit around and get bland photos because I’m feeling out of it, and I shoved my way up front to get some interesting shots of Nightlove and 888. I’m actually really happy with these shots, and I really want my goal this year to be to do whatever it takes to get the shots I want.

My Body Sings Electric & innerspace @ Lost Lake

This was the Birthaversary show for my outlet, The Prelude Press, my friend Aimee’s site Greeblehaus and DJ Alf’s birthday! I definitely wasn’t taking shooting too seriously because I was just there to have fun with my friends, but I actually ended up getting a few shots that I really love. Just goes to show that having fun while shooting is important, right?

Thursday @ The Bluebird Theater

Shooting at The Bluebird is always hard. Not only are lights at this venue generally pretty dim and difficult to photograph, but the venue itself is hard to navigate and shoot, especially if you’re trying to get a wide variety of angles at a sold-out show. You basically have to sprint across the venue to be able to get all the shots you want within three songs. Somehow, I managed to do that with this show, though (with the exception of the last two images - one was taken during “This Song Brought To You By A Falling Bomb” because I couldn’t help myself when Geoff dropped to his knees and started singing without the mic, and the other I snuck during their last song because I wanted a confetti shot). I’m really proud of how much I pushed myself to get these photos and really happy with how they came out.

Hippo Campus & Now, Now @ The Ogden Theatre

Not gonna lie, I mostly shot this show just because I’ve been dying to see Now, Now for a while, but this ended up being one of the most challenging/most exciting shows I shot all month. Although Hippo Campus had gorgeous lights, they were primarily backlit, making it really difficult to get clear, pretty photos of their faces. That, and the colors were really saturated, so I ended up doing a lot of work in Lightroom to get these photos to look the way I wanted. I actually included one of these shots in a little blog on editing - check it out here. But yeah, this one was a really fun challenge!